I have always had a love of the natural world and spent many childhood years building stick dens... within them leaves would become plates, bark became bowls, and twigs cutlery. After attending my first basketry workshop I was instantly reminded of these memories and was fascinated by how a bundle of twigs could be transformed into a solid functional object. I have been weaving with willow now for 19 years.



My baskets and sculptures are mostly made from a Somerset willow called 'Black Maul'. The different colours are obtained by various processes including boiling and steaming. The hazel I use is coppiced locally, and during the winter months when the 'sap is down' I collect material from local hedgerows to add different colours and textures too.



For my baskets I use traditional weaving techniques which involve controlling the shape from the very outset whilst my more recent sculptural work uses a random weave technique where shapes can be changed at any point.